Dec 23, 2011
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Please start a thread in feedback. This isn't the place Apr 19, 2018

    1. Steady Pie
      Steady Pie
      Johnny mate,

      Reckon you could call in some favors upstairs and get us country flags next to our names on our posts?

      Push some pencils, dot some i's and get back to me ;)
      1. Matthewthf likes this.
    2. Bluesguy
      Please review this edit. There are TWO cites the first was the original headline, I forgot to paste THAT link but added in the later post, #6, after it was pointed out. Can you "re-edit" and add that link under the first cite and restore the original headline.

      Border czar Roberta Jacobson to step down from post
    3. carlosofcali
      Oops, sorry for insufficient elaboration. Could I repost a corrected threat or just let it go? Thanks
      1. JohnnyMo
        More elaboration will be fine. Thanks for your understanding

        Feb 2, 2019
    4. Renee
      You censored a post but I have no idea which one,..that really is quite unfair
    5. AlphaOmega
      mind sending me the post you just cited for off topic so I can see what you thought was off topic? I asked the other mods if you can see them and they said yes within 24hrs. I see personal attacks against me are still left but my posts are being removed by you daily for being off topic. Do we discuss here or in the feedback section?
    6. AlphaOmega
      mind pming me the two posts you just removed so I can compare them to whats still there. Thanks
    7. JohnnyMo
      Please start a thread in feedback. This isn't the place
    8. AlphaOmega
      so saying please stop spamming me 3x to a person who spams you 3x gives me the punishment...correct?
    9. JohnnyMo
      Repeating yourself (or anyone's self) three times within a few posts is considered spamming. Start a thread in feedback
      1. Bluesguy
        What are you talking about?
        Apr 19, 2018
    10. AlphaOmega
      yes ..since when cant we ask for links more than once? Does this rule apply to all members or just me?
    11. JohnnyMo
      You repeated to a member to not quote you without links to his fake news. You did this 3 times
      1. Bluesguy
        What are you talking about?
        Apr 19, 2018
    12. AlphaOmega
      mind Pming the post you just deleted so I can see what Spam constitutes?
    13. Margot2
      I can't reply to you directly, but yes.. I have rebooted the computer several times.

      I am not having computer problems anywhere else. I am not very skilled with computers, so don't take this the wrong way.. Is it possible that I have been hacked by another member?
    14. Labouroflove
      Lol, hard to expand on the penis. I.t was however a real story, headline and all.

      All good.

      Cheers and have a good day.
    15. Irid
      Thank you. :) I'm adjusting to a new computer, so I thought is was all on me.
    16. Irid
      Sorry to bother you, but what do I need to do to be able to upload pics, etc?
    17. Yetzerhara
      Further I am an angry ass. I see on the thread I am hopping mad about you have censored a lot of people. I am an ass ok? I am seething mad at getting baited and getting suckered into answers and then feeling I am being pissed on when you are caught in the middle doing your job. I am an ass you are doing your job. I will now stick my head up my ass and cool off.
    18. Yetzerhara
      I apologize. I am steaming mad and went to far in my comments to you,
    19. LetsBePragmatic
      hi :)
      have been enjoying the forums

      I am new and posted two days ago. still hasn't shown up. is the problem u don't like my post?
    20. snakestretcher
      The post you just deleted was absolutely on topic. Please be so good as to read the post to which I replied.
    21. ChristopherABrown
      Johnny, what is rule 8?
    22. justonemorevoice
      Hope you have a safe and fun new years eve!
    23. undertheice
      rule 11 seems to be getting a lot of play these days. i can understand threads started with only a cut and paste, no poster input, but too often this has been an excuse to arbitrarily shut down threads that some folks simply don't like. is this going to be the way of things around here from now on or what? perhaps that little "invite only" group of yours can come up with a standard for such threads as the one on race that you just shut down and maybe you can even let the rest of us in on the secret.
    24. Pregnar Kraps
      Pregnar Kraps
      That wouldn't be Johnny MO as in Johnny MOHAMMAD would it???


    25. justonemorevoice
      Oh thats for you. Imhaving hell with my c/p.
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