Sep 4, 2016
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Good morning, Merwen. :) Jan 7, 2018

    1. 557
      I remember back around the Holidays you mentioning it would be the first year with a family member with memory issues.

      Another member recommended looking through photos as a way to help with the good memories. So I did that when I went to see my mom around Christmas. It did seem to help.

      Anyway, I hope your time with your family was enjoyable and everyone is doing ok. Take care.
      1. JakeStarkey
        Yes, we have her with us. Every day is a new rodeo but she is not violent. We use the pictures, too, and they do help. I am glad it was some help for you. Hope your year is going well.
        Mar 31, 2019
    2. Gorgeous George
      Gorgeous George
      How ya doing jake? I remember you from the msg bd.
      1. JakeStarkey
        Doing well. I am back on the Board under a pseudonym driving westwall and flacaltenn crazy.
        Feb 14, 2019
    3. JakeStarkey
      Good morning, Merwen. :)
    4. JakeStarkey
      Merwen, I don't tolerate fools or drunks or trolls.
    5. katzgar
      What did you do? I suspect we talk past each other or something
      1. Merwen
        Don't kid yourself. You are dealing with a smarta$$.
        Oct 1, 2017
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