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Dec 21, 2015
Mar 2, 2009
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In the country, Western WA

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Keep the peace, from In the country, Western WA

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Dec 21, 2015
    1. Falena
      Man oh man that just made me feel really good. Seriously Mauri, I appreciate that more than I can tell you. I definitely am in great company with Daisy and Changed.
    2. Falena
      Thanks Mauri, I really appreciate it. I gave it great thought after the conversation we had not to long ago.
    3. Breath
      You're welcome Mauri, good day
    4. Breath
      Its ok by me, you guys don't check regional forums much though :mrgreen:
      I just wanted to let you know that you're not first victim of ignorance of that guy lol
    5. Breath
      Nah its ok that way, so that everyone can see what kind of person he is
    6. Breath
      lol at KurdishPkkTerrorDog's message :D
      He insults any non-Turk who critize his posts (or Kurds) by calling them "dog of Turks" and many personal attacks
      if he didn't call you a dog its because you're a mod lol
    7. Trinnity
    8. Trinnity
      Lovely picture in your family album.........
    9. daisydotell
      That would be fun.
    10. daisydotell
      We are going to Arizona next fall if all goes well. We usually go north to catch snow but this time we are going to the Grand Canyon. I love the West, deserts and all..
    11. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Thanks JF. Good to hear from you too. I've been busy and just generally trying to stay away, but I felll off the wagon today! :)

      Man, I'd love to live in AZ. Then I could ride even in February!
    12. Johnny Dangerously
    13. KurdishPkkFreedomFighter
      why you delete only my posts ! are you worker of turks? omg lol
    14. flounder
      Oh,,,changed been going through that for years, have you spoken to her for cement Tips yet??? You should, she knows everything about it,,you poor thing, that's got to hurt...

      Yeah I'm known as the man of two sex's,,I'm like a real Mommy,,HAHAHA DIAPERS, FEEDING, LAUNDRY, EVERYTHING. My wife would call the office and ask me questions all day, the girls in the office too...LOL Being a parent was just great, I loved it. Maybe that's why my children have done so well,,lots of confidence, I think it matters. I was a soccer, Baseball, and field hockey Mom too, it was me and the rest of the Moms against the competition,,,Gooooo Team...LOL
      I would take a pile of kids to all the games, I made the best corn Muffins too...Alice thought Karen's were better,,,Huh, what does she know..... the woman couldn't boil water if you ask me....HUMPH!
    15. flounder
      HI MAURI,,HOW YOU DOING,,,? Lazy day Sunday here. Went to the Hospital yesterday, my sons friend had her first Baby,,,all soft and stuff,,,HAHAHAAH. The women were all over that poor Baby all day, I kept yelling,,Hey give the poor thing some air, will ya!...Geeez!
      7 pound Baby girl. Looked like a little Bundle of pink fluff to me...mmm, I guess for the next six months all I will here from my wife a daughter is Baby Baby,,,,,BABY!!!..shopping shopping...SHOPPING!
    16. submarinepainter
      Hi hope you are well!!
    17. B.Larset
    18. B.Larset
    19. B.Larset
    20. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      You are too sweet... When I come through that town of yours we MUST go to lunch or something!!!

      I hope your Valentines was at least spent with LOVED ONES!!! I just sat at home - drank a beer and watched Being Human... Sad, but I'm used to it from when I was in the Marines...
    21. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      I am sorry to hear that you do not have a Valentine's anymore... I do not either - I had to kick my wife to the curb... She was a liar and I can't be with a liar for eternity! I need a good wholesome Christian Girl to be by my side for this life and the one after....

      I will pray for you tonight to find that special person who will make you smile on a daily basis! And also share His love of you with you!!!
    22. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS

      HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! You are a gorgeous woman inside and out - God has truly blessed you with beauty and a wonderful family!

      God Bless You!!!
    23. Theodelite
      Thanks for your welcome message Jiyuu. i finally got around to posting today.
    24. HillBilly
      Hey Mauri ,:hug:

      Been under the hospital for awhile , back home now and wanted to say hello and catch up.... so here goes.... Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.... hawhawhawhaw...

      hope you're and yours are doing well and having a good day... :) Dan
    25. RevAnarchist
      Could you have a look at my sig and tell me if its too long? And beautiful photo (in your profile)! It looks like a place we call the blue hole, and its located on Holsten mountain range, its smaller tho' and not as high only being about one stack high. Take care JF and thanks for so freely giving of yourself for the betterment of this site ie your contribution of moderating.
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    In the country, Western WA
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    I love the family God has put in my life and in my future, Rest in peace Mom, Dad and Sissy.
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    us washington
    I am disabled after being an Insurance Agent for over 25 yrs. I volunteer my extra time to feed the hungry, clothing and food banks and election campaigns. I have 4 children and 7 grandchildren, 2 niece and 2 grand nephews.

    Gardening, creating bonsai trees with silk, ebay, PoliticalForum, reading, yard sale junkie


    “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” :flagus:
    Abraham Lincoln
    Marco for President 2016
    I have mifi so I won't be as fast as most of you!