Sep 15, 2011
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    1. Aquarius
      Sorry for breaking the rules.
    2. nra37922
      How does one petition for a new section? We really need one for the I hate President Trump posters. Otherwise the current areas get clobbered with all sorts of almost redundant bashes
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    3. hudson1955
      I received a warning but I don't know what post it was can you please tell me?
    4. Renee
      I am still getting the emails..and going crazy. The box is unchecked .
    5. Renee
      How do I stop getting the responses in my emails
      1. Meta777
        You want to get alerts on the site, but not have them show in your personal email? If so, click on your user name in upper-right corner of page to open your profile menu >> then click "Preferences" and uncheck the box labeled "and receive email notifications of replies".
        Jun 10, 2018
    6. goofball
      I have a guy from another forum who has moved over here, but he says it is taking a long time to get approved to post. Evan245 is his handle. Any way to speed up the process?
      1. Meta777
        Looks like the new member is already active and posting.
        They have just 7 posts total right now, so their next 3 will need to be approved before they are full fledged.
        May 26, 2018
      2. Meta777
        If you're their acquaintance, please make sure they read and familiarize themselves with the rules. :)
        May 26, 2018
    7. not2serious
      Renee, what did I do wrong. I don't understand. I simply replied in kind to another poster. I wish I knew what I posted so I don't do it again. Being new here, I don't understand.
    8. Renee
      I just saw this..I have no idea. I get mine deleted as well
      1. Guess Who likes this.
    9. Renee
      I am getting my messages deleted for reacting to others...what’s that about?
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    10. AlphaOmega
      please PM me when you get this.
    11. Guess Who
      Guess Who
      My warning didn't bother me probably deserved it. What bother me is replies worse don't get warnings or post removed.
      1. Joe knows and ThorInc like this.
    12. Ole Ole
      Ole Ole
      Flags is welcomes in avatar Picture well or I try in signaturs ?
    13. justonemorevoice
      Before I get my post. I insulted NO ONE.
    14. rwild1967
      Thanks for all your support. Seems we agree on a number of things.
    15. Maximatic
      I hadn't realized you were this nice, sorry. You're asking good questions. It might take a few days, but I'll answer them all as well as I can, promise.
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    1. Document current smoking routines. When where how often, how many, in what situations, after eating/drinking what? Coffee, alcohol?
    2. Create plan for gradual deescalation. Spread. (how long were you able to go without cigarettes the first time?)
    3. Replace cigarettes with something else. (gum, Twizzlers, both? hard candy, toothpick, straw)
    4. Other than removing cigarettes, do not alter routines right away.
    5. Find other ways to relax. (relaxing music, massage, yoga, avoid stressful situations, deep breathing) video games, sports, walk, run, dodge-ball.
    6. If you can, perform some physical activity whenever you get a craving.
    7. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products,...but don't cut out other foods.
    8. Once off, get rid of your ashtrays and lighters. Avoid things that remind you of the smell of cigarettes.
    9. If you relapse, consider why and recommit. It may take several tries.

    a) reward for job well done (coffee, beer?)
    b) Tell the person about the good changes you see
    c) Don't check up on the smoker, such as looking for ashtrays or sniffing for smoke.
    d) Alternatives, patches gums, ect. Non nicotine pills you can get from a doctor that reduce cravings.
    e) Inability to concentrate is also one symptom of nicotine withdrawal.
    f) Urges will pass within minutes, call me if you get an urge
    g) 3 mo, plus cool-down


    WPA 2.0,, print-it, pass-it. 'Nuff said.