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bois darc chunk

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Nov 22, 2017 at 9:13 AM
    1. Medieval Man
      Medieval Man
      1. bois darc chunk
        bois darc chunk
        there are limited characters on profile posts- like twitter- I'll answer in PM where I have more space.
        Oct 27, 2017
    2. tom444
      Your post in the thread What To Do About The Long-Term Implications of Automation was deleted. Reason: Gentlemen, I removed several posts at the end of this thread for being off topic. Nationalism, .......... Let's get back on topic, please- bdc

      Of course the election of demagogues, nationalism, etc., has to do with automation, the change in job prospects, the loss of place in society many feel, etc.
    3. AlphaOmega
      How come I cant see the post you are referring to, and why did you single my post out for being off topic but not the others? Which are blatant.
      1. bois darc chunk
        bois darc chunk
        If you feel there are blatant off topic posts in that thread, report them. Your post was reported, and it was off topic. I told you why it was off topic in the message. The official warning quotes the problematic post back to you, but I'm sure you don't want an official warning on every edit and deleted post.
        Oct 26, 2017
    4. vman12
      Hey BDC

      It's really annoying that I can't see the post you deleted.

      Is there any way for me to see what you're talking about?
      1. bois darc chunk
        bois darc chunk
        If you get an official warning, the post is quoted to you. If the post is edited or removed, there is no mechanism to copy the post back to you. I'm sure you'd rather not have an official warning for every edit or removal.
        Oct 26, 2017
    5. Margot2
      I didn't use the term "nigglets".

      il the Last Drop said: ↑
      That didn't work 10 years ago.

      That's it. I'm recording one of them.

      I want black folks to hear the same chick telling me why she's a saint for going to another BLM rally, while the whole time referring to black folks as ******s, with their cute little <Mod Edit- Rule 7> running around.
      1. bois darc chunk
        bois darc chunk
        You're right. I edited his post on your response as well as on his post. Sorry for the confusion.
        Oct 22, 2017
    6. MMC
      Acknowledge BDC.....I was only playing like our resident alt left. wink.
      1. bois darc chunk likes this.
    7. A random man
      A random man
      can you delete my acc
    8. Lesh
      I have forgotten my password so I am unable to change it. Do you know how to recover a lost password?
      1. bois darc chunk
        bois darc chunk
        Sometimes it is saved in your browser, and if so, you should be able to recover it. If not, contact Falena. She has access to things I don't and she may be able to help you.
        Aug 24, 2017
    9. Channe
      How is Ronstar calling for "extra-Constitutional" measures to remove Trump if legal reason fail not an incitement to violence ?
      1. Ronstar
        extra-Constitutional measures includes protests, sit-ins, acts of civil disobedience, petitions, occupying public buildings, etc etc. It need not be violence as violence should always be the last resort. Non-violent protests and other acts of civil disobedience have successfully removed unfit leaders in the past.
        Jul 3, 2017
      2. Channe
        "Extra-ordinary" can be inferred as beyond ordinary. In the same way, "extra-Constitutional" can mean beyond the Constitution.
        Jul 3, 2017
        Smartmouthwoman likes this.
      3. bois darc chunk
        bois darc chunk
        He's defining what Extra-constututional measures are, not advocating them.
        Aug 24, 2017
    10. ChrisL
      What rule does the thread of mine that you closed "Why liberals fail . . . " breaks the rules? It says right in the OP that not EVERY liberal is like that. So what rule has been broken?
      1. bois darc chunk
        bois darc chunk
        PM Sent
        Jul 1, 2017
    11. Kode
      But BDC, I didn't alter his post. I changed nothing he typed. I inserted questions to make it simple. But now I understand that the rule, which ever one it is, means not to insert anything of my own into a quote block. Ok, I can do that. But I've seen it before and didn't find any rule against it specifically. But ok, I won't do it again.
    12. Channe
      Can you at least let me see the posts you, Dear Leader, has deemed unworthy of public viewing ?
      1. bois darc chunk
        bois darc chunk
        Will send by PM
        Jun 21, 2017
    13. Margot2
      What was wrong with the thread about Assad's use of chemical weapons?
      1. bois darc chunk
        bois darc chunk
        I am not at liberty to discuss much, but it was closed for a Rule 11 violation, in that there were multiple reports on it as failing to establish a foundation for respectful debate.
        May 2, 2017
    14. Plus Ultra
      Plus Ultra
      Technical question: Is there a way to delete a posting before it is actually posted?
      1. bois darc chunk
        bois darc chunk
        If you mean while you're typing it, you should be able to select everything in the comment box and delete it. I've seen it come back when attempting to reply to another post in the same thread, but if you are aware that can happen, you can just delete that part too.

        If it happens after you posted and you want it deleted, contact an mod and we can delete it for you.
        Apr 25, 2017
    15. Hoosier8
      Oops wrong place
    16. Braunnoser
      Thanks, I actually wasn't going to go with this website because a moderator replied to my email and said "Any reason why are you spoofing your account?" It didn't look like he/she even posted my message, so I wasn't sure if it was even a legit site. Are you a mod?
    17. Statistikhengst
      Always nice to read your thoughtful input on PF. I consider you to be a great enrichment for this forum. Kudos to you.
    18. Gaius_Marius
    19. Shangrila
      It is the thumbs up sign in pink, left bottom of post
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