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Jan 23, 2009
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Apr 9, 2020 at 11:07 AM
    1. Ethereal
      Yo Squid... what's new.
    2. BleedingHeadKen
      Hey, I'm back. Sorry to have disappeared for so long.
    3. catalinacat
      I have the Deja Vu collection too - that is spooky how you were listening to it the same day I was - how nice to know someone else that gets good music. ;-)
    4. HillBilly
      Hey Squid , have you heard anything from Flounder the last few days ?
    5. Political Guardian
      Political Guardian
      I have question...do you like Spongebob? Just wondering because of your username and avatar. :rolleyes:
    6. flounder
      Hey squid, thanks for the rep....LOL. I had to make certain there is no other to compare with the one liner, and what a art it really is. Although I have been in Ins all my life I also had a advertising agency. I know the importance of ''Short and complete'' I have admired you posts so many times....Hats off to the BEST**
    7. Dorable
      Sqiddy! Wassup?
    8. Rip
      Squiddy! How is this place?
    9. squidward
      My kids love spongebob too.
      Lately I've been turning them on to Alf. I love that alien.

      Life is pretty good, considering we are watching our leaders vaporize our future before our very eyes.

      Have you joined the libertarian group?
    10. Clutch
      My almost-three-year-old daughter is a Spongebob Squarepants fanatic now, so every time I read a post of yours I can't help but think of it in Squidward's nasally voice. Gah.

      So how's life at the Krusty Krab? That Eugene Krabs is a bastard.
    11. squidward
      excellent !
      I just started getting active here.
      I have been taunting the semi-literates over at americanpoliticsandmore.
      It's peach's site, and she's the smartest one there, if you can imagine.

      great to see you again.
    12. Clutch
      Check your PM's at HP.
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    What the two parties fight over is not alternative political visions and different legislative agendas, but which party gets to be the whore for Wall Street, the military-security complex, Israel Lobby, agribusiness, and energy, mining, and timber interests. - Paul Craig Roberts