9-11 Truthers & Holocaust Deniers

Discussion in '9/11' started by Ronstar, Sep 11, 2016.

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    Not an anomaly, just cross conditioned way beyond therapy in a suicidal Islam Christiananality pedophile mentality crusade jihad from their megalomaniacal "serve the Pope or die" "second coming" thru a 9/11 culmination. For a Christian Nation to run false flag propaganda of one nation under God with equal justice under law while being thieving US Constitution arsonists inventing immaculate drug conceptions so there is no evidence is about as an Islamidiotocracy as an edict there are no Holocaust gas chamber photos. Studied the Holocaust while attending a university & can't recall where the research papers are as one copy was stolen when a gas space heater flame was turned off, but there were enough sources in books with photos as references. As for a Christian Nations decades old "second coming of Christ" conspiracy thru the 50's up till 9/11 & all their federal sin; where prior to, as the Catholic Church, brokering another business deal for Islam oil as with Germany for Kristallnacht for transport on railroad cars to a promised better life; it's Federal Lynching state of hate KKK churchstate cops baptize eyes by urinations before & again after 9/11 just as decades earlier before & after the assassination of JFK so a Papal entourage baptizing eyes by urinations as thieving JFK bereavement memorial arsonists would be "man is God" as yet another master race master plan of fabricated drug misnomers so their master race could have Arab terrorists which threatened POTUS & to nuke Temple Mount prior to 9/11 go free in order to make more money & eradicate Israel in that "liberty & justice" for all Christians while sheeples are subject to homicidal sociopsychopathic suicidal Islam human farming business of the burning Bush's patriotic act.
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    Here's a Catholic bishop who's a 9/11 truther.

    Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson on 9-11 being an inside job

    At the 2:00 time mark he simply comes out and says that the Catholic Church is lying about 9/11. He also says there were no gas chambers in any of the German concentration camps during WW2. The evidence* seems to show that.


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    What Islam oil deal did the Catholics broker?

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