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    Just wanted to share what i personally have as a list of tasks to take action on or see action taken on. Maybe you want to add some of them to what you want to do. We as a group have so much we need to get happening urgently, and to make these go from aspirations to realities

    »Fact check/investigate news stories

    »Foreign security agencies
    »Foreign government
    »Foreign press
    »Senators, Governor's, MP's
    »Support to Washington, Ottawa
    »Website operators
    »Talk radio North America, Int'l

    »Protocols cliff noted/counteraction
    »Comprehensive list of zionist owned television, newspaper, magazine, radio, game and movie companies
    »List of Israeli scripted albums, movies, television shows, magazines
    »List of companies airing negative advertising; with implication, brand and corporate tree

    Steps and paths of action

    »Ban soft money
    »Disallow electronic voting

    »Heavily regulate media ownership
    >Retroactively limit the amount of media outlets any one corporation or entity can own
    >Disallow foreign ownership of media
    >Ban cross ownership of newspaper/tv/radio in any given city

    »Repeal HR 6166
    »Repeal Military Commissions Act
    »Repeal the patriot act
    »Repeal the federal reserve act of 1913
    »Restore monetary system to debt-free government issued currency

    »Preserve Net Neutrality

    »Restrict FEMA
    »Restrict NSA

    »Corporate three strike policy
    »Corporate 'person' status removed

    »Remove all financial aid to Israel
    »War crimes levied upon Israel regarding attacks in Lebanon, Gaza
    »Declare Israel a terrorist state
    »Impose sanctions on Israel
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