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  1. FinalPhilosopher
    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
  2. Blaster3
    Blaster3 DDT
    dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane... loved that sh*t, they always take away the good stuff...
  3. pjohns
  4. Moi621
    Moi621 Spooky
    Bad Spooky, bad!
    Got banned again.
    After a promise to do better. :-(
  5. Jazz
    Jazz Mr_Truth
    Thanks for the "like" on Grau's Profile page!! You sure went out of your way!
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  6. Kyklos
    Kyklos Bowerbird
    How does she get all those "likes?" I think she is using some kind of hypnosis...and makes some good points.
  7. Jazz
    Jazz Grau
    Congratulations on your women's soccer team winning the World Cup for 2019!! They played an awesome game!
    It wouldn't surprise me, if they were all "Montgomery Women".

    USA 2 - Netherlands 0

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  8. The Rhetoric of Life
    The Rhetoric of Life
    Mini cabs aren't Minis.
  9. Bluesguy
    Bluesguy Hoosier8
    I don't respond to Raul as he will only respond that he has already refuted what I post but you might remind him that THE national vote is a left-wing myth, there is no national election or vote. There were 51 unique totally separate elections and trump won them 2:1 over Clinton and then the States e Elected Trump they didn't Select him.
  10. Gorgeous George
    Gorgeous George
    Wild crazy guy
    1. Blaster3
      so now you're steve martin...
      Jul 3, 2019
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    2. Gorgeous George
      Gorgeous George
      I found a great new drug. placebos!
      Jul 7, 2019
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  11. Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah FoxHastings
    Nothing personal. I have been on both sides of this debate. I can always depend to get a reaction from you, Browerbird , Derideo_Te or Mr_Truth. It is always good to hear the other side.
    1. FoxHastings
      FIX post looks like those are all my comments!!!!!
      Jun 26, 2019
  12. Mr_Truth
    Mr_Truth Dee
    Welcome to the forum.
  13. PrincipleInvestment
    PrincipleInvestment JakeStarkey
    I miss you already :(
  14. PrincipleInvestment
    PrincipleInvestment Sharpie
    Just wanted to say that I've missed your wit . I hope this greeting will find you, and yours in good health and good spirits.
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  15. The Rhetoric of Life
    The Rhetoric of Life
    I'd be lying if I said I didn't hear the POTUS flying around 2day... What gave it away earlier was the live news of marine one and my ears.
    1. The Rhetoric of Life
      The Rhetoric of Life
      What reminded me of that was that I heard it again, just now... got me thinking 'yup, he's (the POTUS) is up there, flying around now, somewhere.
      Jun 3, 2019
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  16. The Rhetoric of Life
    The Rhetoric of Life
    I'm crushing on a dead movie star that's not a favourite porn star.
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    2. Liberty Monkey
      Liberty Monkey
      I have a bit of a crush on Audrey Hepburn.

      How she is now :)
      Jun 4, 2019
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  17. PrincipleInvestment
    PrincipleInvestment JakeStarkey
    I hope you're enjoying your long weekend. I remember you said that you served with 101st so thanks for your service
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    2. JakeStarkey
      Thank you. It was a great week end. I am in St. George for a few days. It's a town I love.
      May 30, 2019
  18. Renee
    I’m a New Yorker living in Maryland
  19. The Rhetoric of Life
    The Rhetoric of Life
    That pun final days of May grows old you know news, p/s, thanks for playing me the PM crying on the hour today.
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  20. BaghdadBob
    I've had teen martunies.
  21. Marcotic
    Marcotic Mr_Truth
    Thanks for putting that ridiculous Somali Hammer Mob story to bed. As a fellow TC resident I appreciate it.
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    2. Mr_Truth
      You are very welcomed!
      It never ceases to amaze me how pre-disposed these radical far right delusionals are to believe in such garbage. This is precisely how Germany succumbed to Nazism - people blindly followed their hate cult leaders and refused to question or to allow others to question. Challenging such lies and liars is the patriotic thing to do. Keep up the good work!
      May 22, 2019
  22. Moi621
    Moi621 Spooky
    My uploads of missing Spooky keep vanishing.
    Why I do not know. No notification, just gone. Twice
    Yes! I miss Spooky uploads too.
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    2. cerberus
      I'm sorry to say that I think she was so put out by the ban she's found another forum, and that forum's gain is PF's loss. I did that myself when I was banned, and it's only that there are some really nice - and certainly intelligent - members that I came back. I really miss Spooky too. Hope you don't mind my poking in. It really was strange when the thread was deleted, really strange!
      May 15, 2019
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    3. ArmySoldier
      Is Spooky perm banned??? I hope not
      May 16, 2019
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  23. Frank
    Frank Daniel Light
    Change that last post from "months" to "weeks"...or the turds will give you hell.
  24. Sahba*
    Sahba* Spooky
    I miss U Spooky!
  25. Sahba*
    Sahba* Spooky
    Hi Spooky, I / (i think 'we') have been missing the 'Spooky posts'... I hope you are well & 'shining in the Light'! God bless, luv S.
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