Atheist vs Theist

Discussion in 'Debates & Contests' started by DennisTate, Mar 22, 2017.

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    Just my own 2 cents worth on what you were quoting from the pretend atheist's manifesto";

    Christianity in the USA in the 1930's was full blown Jim Crow and the KKK lynching of innocent Americans who were unfortunate enough not to have been born white.

    And then there was Germany in the 1930's which was very much a "Christian" nation persecuting the Jews. Nothing whatsoever to with "secular humanism" at all.

    The other fallacy in that excerpt is the condemnation of 1.5 billion Muslims because of the acts of the extremist fringe. Must all Christianity be vilified because of Dylan Roof, Eric Rudolph, Scott Roeder, et al?
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    Yes, men? Know your place. Bow down to that almighty dollar!



    One Dogma to rule them all, One Dogma to find them
    One Dogma to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them
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    That is a very interesting notion, but you should never be convinced unless there is absolute proofs. However , in saying that, I can ''see'' why you have these thoughts and are looking at that line of enquiry. All information apparently being retained by energy and the realism that even our own thoughts do not exist without energy. We simply exist as energy in a bodily vessel, everything we know and think , all of our memories retained in this energy, ourselves seemingly made of this energy.
    Are we merely celestial beings in a bodily vessel? Are we a part of an intelligent design and no more than data in a system? Are we experiencing a virtual experience and our real bodies await our ''souls'' return?

    Questions we may never know an answer to.
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